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    Our designs offer optimal viewing experience across all devices

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    We plan our designs to match your branding logo and colour scheme

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Website Bundles

Business Bespoke Design,

FREE Mobile & Tablet version,

From only £3.46 pw


DIY Website

Do it Yourself solution,

CMS Pre-Installed,

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Business Pro

Managed business up-grade,

Google, Bing, Yahoo SEO

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e Commerce

Easy to sell online,

Boost your business,

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Welcome to Busywebs

Thank you to all our customers for your support..!

Who Are We ?

The Kent based Busywebs team are a mixture of professional coders and experienced graphic designers working together to create stunning low cost websites that promote your business in the way it deserves.

Who Choose Us ?

Using the latest coding HTML5 CSS3 & Bootstrap our team are able to produce clean and modern data driven, search engine friendly websites that blend in with your business branding and are viewed perfectly on all devices of any size ensuring maximum experience for your visitors.

We Focus on Your Business
Design How GOOD you are is your business, How good you LOOK is ours..!
SEO We make sure you are found in Google search
Price Unbeatable prices guaranteed
Support Our support is available daily and speedy
Security We use the most secure servers to host your site, better to be safe than sorry.!


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A Few Examples !

Dreamland Beds
Flavours by Kumar
Superior Refrigeration
Polly Gasston
Rides 4 Brides
Westgate Security
Abbey Dry Cleaners



Stacey is our Graphic
designer with 16 yrs
experience, she knows
exactly what works best !



Norman is our SEO guy
who knows how to get
you to the top of all
major search engines !




Andy is our Website
Coding Expert but
mainly the office
tea & coffee maker !

About Busywebs

Kent based Busywebs first began in 1998 after several years of intensive training.
Our skills lay mainly in design deployment and search engine optimisation (SEO) which is very important if you want to get your website found.

"no point in having a beautiful website if nobody finds it !"

Since 2006 Busywebs has offered high quality websites with unrivalled one to one support by charging a low monthly fee, this means that when you deal with us you'll get NO nasty surprises when it comes to cost.

Many times have we heard the story that someone had paid many hundreds of pounds to a web developer only to find that 3 months later he had disappeared and they were left with no support.

Our payment plans work equally well for us to as we now have over 400 account customers giving us the ability to maintain staff and in turn make sure you get the support you need.
Our motto is simple "small amounts of money generates lots of happy customers..."

Don't let your website be hard work, Our customers love the fact that when we build their website they can sit back and relax because any changes required is just a phone call away and without additional cost.