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What is a CMS Website

Understanding Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are better know as CMS websites, in simple terms they offer you the flexibility of being able to fully manage the content of your website without the need for any technical knowledge.cmsoptions

There are many types of CMS websites including very well known ones such as Joomla WordPress and Drupal all of which offer a real ease of use.

Shopping cart systems are also classed as CMS as you are able to login and edit products without needing to know the technical side.

Do we need them ?

Yes, CMS offers you far more than the ability to edit your content, CMS systems are able to be enhanced with an ever growing repository of add-ons, there are 1000's of web developers around the world creating wonderful software options that can be easily installed on your website.

Do we make CMS templates ?

Yes, here at Busywebs we are able to design and install bespoke CMS templates that match your business branding, we can help with the following content management systems:

We are also able to incorporate Eshop and Virtuemart into your Joomla CMS

Are all the websites we build CMS ?

Not all, no, some customers prefer the website to be built using a more lightweight option such as "HTML 5" but if you want real flexibility then it's better to go the CMS route.

What CMS is best ? Understanding the options

In today's growing competitive market it's important to understand the core structure of your website and how it can benefit your business.

Most CMS software is easy to use and most platforms are completely free, our cloud based and hybrid servers offer a one click install option for many CMS options although we concentrate on the two most popular.

So what's the difference? we've put together an easy to understand comparison.

WordPress CMS Content Management System

Great for blogging

WordPress is currently the most used CMS accounting for around 58% of all websites built, it's a reliable and easy to use system and favoured by many web designers as it has access to 1000's of pre-made templates.

WordPress was introduced in 2003 and at that time was exclusively for blogging, over the years it has grown into the go to platform for those who like the DIY approach to website building, this is why a lot of website designers prefer WordPress because of the ready made templates it offers.

Joomla CMS Content Management System

Best for business building and seo

Joomla which was released in 2005 is the second most used CMS platform and the preferred choice for many web designers and developers as it incorporates the MVC framework giving greater flexibility, programming languages like Java C# Ruby have MVC frameworks.

The MVC (Model View Controller) is a software design pattern that is used to organise code in such a way that the business logic and data presentation are separate.

Like WordPress, Joomla also offers an extremely easy to use back-end, in fact many people moving from WordPress to Joomla have been very impressed with its easy to use and understandable infrastructure.

Many web developers prefer the open source Joomla because the URL structure system offers better results with search engines.

WATCH THE VIDEO: 10 reasons you should use Joomla

So what would we choose, and why ?

Lets be fair here, both systems are great and very easy to use, we've used them both amongst others from the very beginning, as a web designer, we are always looking to move forward, we never just sit back and carry on, we always look to improve, we have to as we have a reputation to look after and therefore always keep up to date with this very fast moving technology, this wasn't a close call for us, there are two things that stand out in our choice and they are:

  1. The MVC framework
  2. The URL structuring

Because of this, our answer is Joomla - Its not about popularity its about the core infrastructure and the ability to incorporate functions with the right framework.

We never just choose a platform because its more popular..!

Vauxhall & Ford are more popular than Porsche or Ferrari, but certainly not better.

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