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You never get a second chance to make a first impression..!

Busywebs are one of only a few to be open and transparent about our services & support.

Our Website Contract

Our website contracts are always for a 12-month period which automatically renew each year unless the cancellation process is activated by either us “Busywebs” or “you” the Client.

Our contracts are never complicated, they are easy to understand and always fully detailed according to your requirements.

You should always keep a copy of your contract as a reference or reminder to the services you have agreed to.

Why an annual contract

The main reasons behind the one year auto-renew is because of software licences and hosting which are often purchased in advance at the start of each contract period.

To enable us to offer our incredible prices, we often have to renew these items on a domain based usage.

We do however offer help in certain circumstances for instance business closure or sale of business etc.

Cancellation of the ongoing contract must be given to us by email 14 days before the end of the contract, We will then send you a cancellation confirmation document to sign and return to us via email.

Please note: It is your responsibility to notify us and cancel your Direct Debit in order for us to cancel all services attached to your website plan, failure to notify us will result in a continuation of monthly charges. 

If you chose to cancel your contract at any other time throughout the 12-month period, then the remaining monthly instalments will be due as stated in your contract.

Websites work more like a rental, It is of course yours whilst you have an active account with us just the same as your domain name, telephone line, email addresses and most other things in life..!

When a website is professional designed it requires specialist web hosting servers that have MySQL databases as well as the installation of Perl & PHP etc.

Our websites can be built to take away but you’d need to contact us for pricing on this service. 

The data for your Website and Emails are not held or controlled by Busywebs, all data for your website and emails are the responsibility of the hosting provider for your account.

Busywebs are very careful when it comes data protection and we therefore choose very carefully any provider we choose. 

Our Pricing Structure & Services

Busywebs always offers a clear & transparent pricing structure on all of the services we offer, all our prices and details are set out clearly on our pricing page with no hidden extras.

We offer various set packages as well as bespoke if you require your website to be built to certain specifications

Our Services Include

  • Your Business Website
  • Secure Website Hosting (Various Server Options Available)
  • Premium Business Email System
  • Full Website back-ups 3 times per day
  • Up to date Server technologies PHP Perl & SQL databases etc..
  • Full Support & Guidence

Our Support

Our team offer full support 5 days a week and cover all issues relevant to your website and emails that are operating within our services.

We believe the support services we offer is second to none, including the following:

Website updates and changes:
Included in our services but based on a fair usage are the website updates and changes that you may require – All things that take a short period of time to do are completely free of charge, these things include items such as:

  • Changing words within a paragraph
  • Adding or changing address details & phone numbers
  • Adding or removing images in a gallery

lengthy changes that can take more than 20 minutes, would incur additional charges and are time based at fair and sensible rates.

Our team offer full support 5 days a week and cover all issues relevant to your website and emails that are operating within our services.

Website Monitoring & Security

All our website packages offer a full backup & restore, your website is backed up daily and are constantly monitored for any hacks.

Software Licences & Updates

Nearly all websites these days are built using CMS content management systems which means they’ll almost always require software.

We make sure that all licences related to your website software are kept fully up to date and valid at all times

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